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BCAN is proud to offer patient insight webinars, bringing nationally recognized bladder cancer experts directly to patients and families to address important topics related to bladder cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and quality of life.  A webinar is an event held on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. BCAN brings leading bladder cancer experts in these free programs, directly to your phone, computer or tablet.

Please see below for information about upcoming webinars and to view past webinars. If you have any questions please contact us at

Upcoming Webinars

Register now for BCAN’s webinar on Tri-Modality Therapy on February 26th at 6 PM (Eastern Time). Please see the description below for more information.

Modern cancer therapies are increasingly looking towards eradicating cancer while preserving the affected organ and giving the patient the best possible functional outcome and thus quality of life. This is achieved with a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Known as Tri-Modality Therapy (TMT), many factors determine which patients with a muscle-invading bladder cancer are suitable candidates for bladder preservation. Columbia University urologist Dr. Jim McKiernan, and Massachusetts General Hospital radiation oncologist Dr. Jason Efstathiou will discuss:

• Who is eligible for bladder preservation with TMT? What do treatment guidelines recommend?
• What is included in TMT for bladder cancer?
• What are the outcomes for patients who are eligible for TMT? What does the research say?
• Questions & Answers about Bladder Preservation with TMT

Register now for BCAN’s webinar on Bladder Preservation: Alternates to Radical Cystectomy on March 7th at 7 PM (Eastern Time). Please see the description below for more information.

The use of systemic chemotherapy and/or immune therapies in patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer is increasing. Successful and complete responses to these therapies can potentially identify a group of patients who could avoid immediate radical surgery. Scientists are investigating new ways to better understand who might be a candidate to avoid cystectomy. This webinar will discuss:

– Common systemic therapies available to patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer

-The likelihood of having a complete response after systemic therapy

-Which patients are good candidates to avoid cystectomy

-What the potential risks are in delaying or omitting cystectomy

-The role of radiation therapy in the patient who does not have radical surgery (cystectomy)

Previous Webinars

Previous webinars are recorded and a written transcript is available.