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Latest information on the BCG Shortage

Many patient and survivors depend on BCG as part of their treatment and protocol. With shortages projected for 2019, BCAN is working with the FDA and doctors to find solutions to help bladder cancer patients. Keep up with the latest developments here.

This is an issue we are working on every day. You can voice your concerns to those in a position to make changes at the FDA and Merck, to help them better understand the gravity of this shortage and its impact on bladder cancer patients.

  1. Contact the FDA

Call 1-800-835-4709 or email

Tell them your story, share your experience with the shortage. If you or your doctor have experienced any difficulties in obtaining BCG, let them know. Ask what the FDA will be doing to remedy the situation.

  1. Contact Merck’s National Service Center

Call 1-800-444-2080

Tell them your story, share your experience with the shortage(s) (past if applicable, and the current 2019 shortage.) Describe any difficulties you or your doctor has experienced in obtaining BCG. Note whether you are being treated in a community practice or larger academic hospital. Ask what Merck is doing to remedy the situation.

  1. Report back to BCAN

Email and let us know the response and reactions you received.