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Get the Facts

BCAN is pleased to provide these plain language tips from patients about what to expect before, during and after common bladder cancer procedures. “Get the Facts” were developed with guidance by the Survivorship Working Group.

Bladder Cancer Diagnosis:

Get the Facts | Cystoscopy (PDF)

Bladder Cancer Treatments:

Get the Facts | TURBT (PDF)

Get the Facts | BCG (PDF)

Cystectomy & Urinary Diversions:

Get the Facts | Radical Cystectomy (PDF)

Get the Facts | Ileal Conduit (PDF)

Get the Facts | Indiana Pouch (PDF)

Get the Facts | Neobladder (PDF)

Treating Advanced/Metastatic Disease:

Get the Facts | Immunotherapy (PDF)

Get the Facts | Palliative Care (PDF) 


Expert Explanations are available for the following topics:

Bladder Preservation with Combined-Modality Therapy (CMT) | An Expert Explanation (PDF)

Expert Explanation | Intravesical Therapy with BCG (PDF)

Bladder Cancer Environmental Risk Factors (PDF)


Additional Resources: 

Smoking Cessation (sponsored by CVS)

Man and Woman Sitting on Fence