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2019 Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award

December 5, 2018| BCAN is pleased to announce the 2019 Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award to support the work of one investigator with an exceptionally novel and creative project with great potential to produce breakthroughs in our understanding of the management of bladder cancer. One proposal will be funded for

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Best of BCAN Awards

In 2016, BCAN held our first Bladder Cancer Summit in Rockville, Maryland with the goal of bringing together the bladder cancer community for a two-day conference to educate, engage, and energize patients and caregivers. One of the unexpected highlights of the first Summit was our “Best of BCAN Awards” which

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Congratulations on PCORI 2018 CISTO: Comparison of Intravesical Therapy and Surgery as Treatment Options for Bladder Cancer Award

Congratulations to the University of Washington’s Dr. John Gore and Dr. Angela Smith from the University of North Carolina, along with a team of researchers who have been awarded funding for a pragmatic (conducted in a real-world clinical practice setting) clinical study designed to evaluate patient-centered outcomes. Support for this

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Share the Bladder Cancer Awareness Quiz!

Many people tell us they never heard of bladder cancer until they received their diagnosis. Some individuals who have signs or symptoms for months or years, may not see a urologist to understand why. You can help to change that. Help spread awareness of this disease by printing and sharing

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2018 Bladder Cancer Think Tank

Through our annual Bladder Cancer Think Tank meeting, BCAN facilitates a unique means for advancing collaborative research efforts in bladder cancer. This scientific retreat is the premier annual bladder cancer-specific medical meeting in North America and brings together some of the top medical and scientific minds in bladder cancer. Since its inception

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