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Bladder Cancer 101

Intravesical Therapy

Banner Image: Dr. Neal Shore, a member of BCAN’s Scientific Advisory Board, speaks with a patient. Certain types of bladder tumors are hard to remove using surgical procedures like a TURBT, particularly flat tumors (carcinoma in situ). In addition, some tumors may be likely to recur after initial resection. In these cases,

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Transurethral Resection of a Bladder Tumor (TURBT)

Banner Image: Dr. Surena Matin of MD Anderson Cancer Center . Generally, after the diagnosis of a bladder tumor, the urologist will suggest that the patient have an outpatient procedure in the hospital to examine the bladder more completely under anesthesia (general or spinal) and to remove, if possible, those tumors which are suitable for resection.

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Treating Bladder Cancer

Banner Image: Dr. Angela Smith (pink cap) from BCAN’s Scientific Advisory Board operates on a patient with  Max McKibben . What types of treatments are available? Knowing the stage and grade of your tumor helps your doctor decide which methods are most suitable for treating your cancer. It is important to remember that bladder cancer patients must expect to

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Newly Diagnosed

You’ve just learned that you or a loved one has bladder cancer. At first, it’s natural for you to be upset, depressed, panicked and overwhelmed. Know you are not alone and that there are people out there to help you. There are several resources available to you as you begin

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Types, Stages & Grades

What are the types of bladder cancer tumors that may form? Three types of bladder cancer may form, and each type of tumor can be present in one or more areas of the bladder, and more than one type can be present at the same time: Papillary tumors stick out from

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What is Bladder Cancer?

What does your bladder do? The bladder is part of your urinary system. An important job of the urinary system is to filter waste products from your blood and transport the waste products or urine, out of your body. The diagram below shows the organs of the urinary system. Most

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