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Bladder Cancer: Be Active in Your Care

This free program provides in-depth education for patients and caregivers about how bladder cancer is diagnosed, current treatments, surgical options and possible lifestyle changes. It features Stephanie Chisolm, PhD from the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, as well as oncologist Dr. Matthew Galsky and assistant professor in the Department of Urology Nihal Mohamed, PhD of Mount Sinai. Watch a chapter or the complete one-hour event by providing your name and email, and clicking ‘Sign In’ below.

You will be brought to a page with a few short multiple-choice questions – provide your responses and click ‘Submit’ when you’re ready to view. To download the slides that accompany the video, click on ‘Event Resources’ below the video player after you’ve signed in.

If you’re a returning user, the player will pick up where you left off. By providing your email address, you may receive notifications of future CancerCoachLive programs and/or information from the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network.

This educational content was developed in partnership with the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, CancerCoachLive and PlatformQ Health. Support for this patient education program was provided by Genentech, Inc.

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