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Announcing 2019 Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award – Letters of Intent Due 01/16/19

BCAN is seeking applicants for its 2019 Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award which will fund one $300,000 two-year grant to an experienced investigator who will break new ground in the field of bladder cancer.  The application process is open, and letters of intent are due by January 16, 2019.

Launched in 2013 and considered the cornerstone of BCAN’s research program, the Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award supports novel and creative projects to produce breakthroughs in the management of bladder cancer. The proposed research may be basic, translational, clinical, or epidemiological and must have direct applicability and relevance to bladder cancer. Projects that are high-risk and high-reward, as opposed to incremental in nature, are encouraged. By 2019, BCAN will have invested more than $4.3 million to fund bladder cancer research.

“BCAN is thrilled to continue our support of outstanding researchers in their quests to improve the understanding and treatment of bladder cancer. Scientific findings from past awardees offer hope to the many individuals diagnosed with this common cancer,” stated Andrea Maddox-Smith, CEO of BCAN.

Read Full Press Release Here.

Recently, BCAN was recognized by Charity Navigator as one of America’s Top Ten Best Medical Research organizations for being “committed to funding cutting-edge research and finding breakthroughs for a spectrum of conditions and diseases.”

The Award is available to full time, independent investigators who are affiliated with a nonprofit academic, medical or research institution within the United States or Canada. Eligible recipients include investigators who have experience in other areas of cancer or biomedical/health science research with promising ideas and approaches that can be applied to bladder cancer research.

Go to for full research guidelines and instructions for letters of intent and applications.