Raising Awareness and Funding a Cure

March 13, 2014
by Monica Smith

Palm Beach Shop & StrollSteve Gushée passed away last April and his wife, Mary, was devastated.  When Steve was finally diagnosed with bladder cancer after 5 years of testing and misdiagnosis, it was too late.  The cancer had metastasized.  Coping with the loss of a loved one is understandably one of the most difficult times in a person’s life.  Through her grief, Mary views her loss as an opportunity to help others.


Bladder cancer is a disease that has been largely overlooked in the public.  Many patients have stated that the first time they heard of bladder cancer was when they are diagnosed.  Many of the symptoms of bladder cancer – blood in the urine, frequent urination, and irritation – are painless and may come and go.  The symptoms often mimic other common conditions like urinary tract infections.   These factors impede early detection narrowing treatment options and lowering survival rates.


Mary Gushée is starting the conversation about bladder cancer and leading the charge in her own community.  The Palm Beach Shop & Stroll will take place on May 3rd.  The event features a walk where participants commit to raise $1,000 each and a shopping day.  Nearly 15 shops will dedicate 10% of their sales from the day to support BCAN.  With the help of her committee including Mary Healy, Jim Healy, Molly Aubry, and Linda Fitzgerald, Mary hopes to raise $100,000 to fund a research grant focusing on early detection in Steve’s name.  The group has already reached over $32,000!  The dedication and passion of this committee is infectious. Raymond Floyd and Hillie Mahoney have joined their efforts and will be the honorary co-chairs for the Palm Beach Shop and Stoll.  Mary is honoring Steve and taking steps to ensure that others have a better chance of survival than he did.


We are lucky to have the support of committed volunteers and fundraisers who make our work possible.  People like Matthew Wells, who will run the Rock N’ Roll Marathon this weekend, Jennifer Donnelly who will ride in the 5 Boroughs Bike Tour this May, and all of the dedicated walk organizers who will lead nearly 70 walks raising awareness and funds across the U.S.  Every day, BCAN volunteers demonstrate that bladder cancer is a priority and we must advance research and education to find a cure.  We are grateful and inspired by the commitment of our supporters.  It takes many people working together to make a difference.


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