Nutrition and bladder cancer – BCAN’s recipe for your health!

November 22, 2016
by Stephanie Chisolm

Do you ever wonder what you should or shouldn’t eat when you have bladder cancer? BCAN invited Jill M. Hamilton-Reeves, PhD, RD, CSO, associate professor, dietitian, and certified oncology nutritionist at the University of Kansas to share her expertise.

Dr. Hamilton-Reeves works with urologists and medical oncologist to discover better diet and exercise approaches to benefit patients with cancer.  Her research is focused on nutrition and cancer prevention, management, and survivorship, with specific attention on bladder cancer. In this webinar, Dr. Hamilton-Reeves helps patients understand approaches to thrive with good nutrition.

Click here to view her webinars and access other resources

to help you eat well and discover the great taste of wholesome foods!

Healthy eating with bladder cancer

Healthy eating with bladder cancer! Bon appétit!

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