November is National Caregivers Month

November 25, 2013
by Brea Dodson

This is a time to thank all caregivers and show your support and gratitude for all they do.  More and more Americans are caring for loved ones who are disabled, elderly, or ill.  According to Women’s, a caregiver is “anyone who provides help to another person in need.”  According to Family Caregiver Alliance, there are as many as 65.7 million caregivers who make up 29% of the U.S. adult population providing care for someone who is ill, disabled, or elderly.  The average age of caregivers in the US is 46 years.  They are also most commonly female, married, and working.

Being a caregiver is an important role, but it is often very difficult and comes with significant challenges.  These men and women are very important to the health of others, especially those with bladder cancer.  Not only do they assist with daily needs and provide emotional and physical support, but they also usually do so at great cost to their own health.  “Who cares for the caregiver?” is a common question asked.  Caregivers devote a significant time to their family members, often leaving limited time and energy for outside activities.

This month, make sure to remember the family caregivers you know.  If you are the caregiver, take a moment for yourself to recharge, to breathe, and do something good for you.

Resources and Organizations:

Family Caregiver Alliance:

Caregiver Action Network:

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