Patient Resource Library

There are many resources available for better understanding bladder cancer. BCAN provides patient tips, educational programs such as webinars and videos, helpful links for more information, a glossary of bladder cancer terms and answers to frequently asked questions.

Diversion Videos

The New Normal: Living with a Urinary Diversion

To view this video series featuring bladder cancer survivors candidly discussing their urinary diversion and life after radical cystectomy, click here.

Patient Insight Webinar Series The Patient Insight Webinar Series is led by experts in the field and explores bladder cancer topics in depth.  Each live webinar includes a Q&A session.  Webinars are archived and can be accessed by the public 24/7.  To view past webinars or find upcoming sessions, click here.
  BCAN ConversationsLogoFINAL  “Conversations: Let’s Talk About Bladder Cancer” asks the questions that patients or caregivers may be reluctant to ask.  The talk show format videos are hosted by Diane Zipursky Quale, BCAN Co-Founder.    View the videos here.
  BCAN Connection BCAN Connection is an information and referral line staffed fully by BCAN volunteers.  The phone line provides practical information and resources in the local community to assist bladder cancer patients and their loved ones.  To access the program, call 1-888-901-2226 (BCAN) ext. 207.
BCANpatient2patient.CONDENSEDTYPE Survivor 2 Survivor connects newly diagnosed patients with another survivor who has undergone similar treatment.  The volunteer survivors provide their firsthand account of life with a bladder cancer diagnosis.  To access the program, call 1-888-901-2226 (BCAN) ext. 212.
 Inspire BCAN’s online community hosted by Inspire is a great resource for patients and loved ones.  Members can anonymously ask questions and connect with other impacted by a bladder cancer diagnosis.  To access the community click here.
Join BCAN’s Patient Survey Network to share your ideas about the most important topics of research in bladder cancer.To get involved email or call 301-215-9099. For more information click here.

Increase Bladder Cancer Awareness

Click below to download fact sheets to help increase awareness about bladder cancer in your community.

Signs & Symptoms Handout

Women and Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Basics for the Newly Diagnosed

BCAN Patient Handbook There are more than 250,000 of “Bladder Cancer Basics for the Newly Diagnosed” in print.  Patients and loved ones can request a copy or instantly download the handbook.  Medical professionals can bulk order free copies but must pay shipping and handling.  To access the handbook, click here. 

Helpful tips- from patients, for patients. Bladder Cancer: Get the Facts

The Bladder Cancer: Get the Facts pages have valuable information about what it’s like to experience different procedures and treatments for bladder cancer, from a bladder cancer patient perspective. These easy to read fact sheets include tips other patients wished they had known before starting a procedure, suggestions for coping after a procedure, and questions a patient might want to ask the doctor. Click here to see the Bladder Cancer: Get the Facts pages.

Veterans Bladder Cancer Resources

Includes links to the Veterans and Bladder Cancer recorded webinar modules, transcripts and links to additional resources for Veterans with bladder cancer. Click here to access these resources.

Sexuality and Intimacy after Bladder Cancer Resources

Includes links to the Sexuality and Intimacy after Bladder Cancer recorded webinar modules and transcripts as well as a link to our Conversations About Bladder Cancer – Sexual Function video. Click here to access these resources.

Support Groups

Locate a support group in your own community.  Click here to view a list of independent support groups across the U.S.

Helpful Links 

Find more resources on information about bladder cancer symptoms and treatment options as well as support services for cancer survivors. To see helpful links click here.

Glossary of Terms

Find definitions for some commonly used terms associated with bladder cancer. To see the glossary click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bladder cancer. To see the frequently asked questions click here.


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