Online Resource Library

There are many resources available for better understanding bladder cancer. BCAN provides patient tip sheets, educational programs such as webinars and videos, helpful links for more information, a glossary of bladder cancer terms and answers to frequently asked questions.


Patient Tips

Information about what it’s like to experience different procedures and treatments for bladder cancer, from a bladder cancer patient perspective. These tips include things other patients wished they had known before starting a procedure, suggestions for coping after a procedure, and questions a patient might want to ask the doctor.


Educational Programs

Watch webinars and videos from bladder cancer experts on a variety of topics.


Helpful Links

Find more resources on information about bladder cancer symptoms and treatment options as well as support services for cancer survivors.


Glossary of Terms

Find definitions for some commonly used terms associated with bladder cancer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bladder cancer.

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