Finding Support

A bladder cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and perhaps frightening—not just for the patient but for family and friends as well.  There are many resources available for finding support and connecting with others impacted by bladder cancer.


BCAN Connection BCAN Connection is an information and referral line staffed fully by BCAN volunteers.  The phone line provides practical information and resources in the local community to assist bladder cancer patients and their loved ones.  To access the program, call 1-888-901-2226 (BCAN) ext. 207.
BCANpatient2patient.CONDENSEDTYPE Survivor2Survivor connects newly diagnosed patients with another survivor who has undergone similar treatment.  The volunteer survivors provide their firsthand account of life with a bladder cancer diagnosis.  To access the program, call 1-888-901-2226 (BCAN) ext. 212.
Inspire BCAN’s online community hosted by Inspire is a great resource for patients and loved ones.  Members can anonymously ask questions and connect with other impacted by a bladder cancer diagnosis.  To access the community click here.


Support Groups

Locate a support group in your own community.  Click here to view a list of independent support groups across the U.S.


Helpful Links 

Find more resources on information about bladder cancer symptoms and treatment options as well as support services for cancer survivors. To see helpful links click here.


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