Introducing “Conversations About Bladder Cancer”

November 11, 2013
by Diane Quale

Introducing “Conversations About Bladder Cancer” BCAN ConversationsLogoFINAL

Did you ever have a question for your doctor that you were too intimidated to ask?  Or maybe asked and didn’t have confidence in the answer?  That’s why BCAN is launching “Conversations About Bladder Cancer”, an interactive dialogue with bladder cancer experts, asking the questions on the issues that matter most to our community of survivors and caregivers.  I have the honor of hosting this new internet talk show, and engaging in open and frank discussions with doctors and other medical professionals.

Our first segment in the series focuses on sex.  Bladder cancer is rarely discussed, but even rarer is the discussion about the impact bladder cancer may have on your sex life. Studies have found that patients often want the physician to initiate the conversation about sexual function while physicians are waiting for the patient to bring up it with the result being that the topic is not discussed.  This is the kind of discussion, however, that is essential to ensuring quality of life for bladder cancer survivors and their partners.  Sexual dysfunction was a key topic at the Think Tank this year and we thought it would be  the perfect way to begin “Conversations about Bladder Cancer.” Our hope is that this conversation will encourage bladder cancer survivors and their partners to engage their own doctors in this essential, but sometimes difficult, and always personal conversation.

To watch “Conversations…” click on the logo!

We hope you enjoy the discussion and would love to hear from you.  What subjects would you like to see discussed in future installments?

This program was made possible by the generous support of Photocure logo for Patient Handbook

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