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There are over 500,000 bladder cancer survivors in the United States today. Each survivor has a unique story to tell of struggle and inspiration. Our hope is that these stories will help you find your own successful path to living with bladder cancer. We invite you to share your story with others who are newly diagnosed or searching for answers and inspiration.
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Jacqueline Nalls – Diagnosed 2009

Jacqueline’s Story
At age 50 I lost 40lbs from changing my eating habits and exercising regularly. I felt healthy and fit. However, one bad habit remained, I was a smoker, had been for 30 years. I made a commitment to quit at age 50, this would be my third attempt. In April I went to see my OBGYN. He ordered a urine test and ultrasound. The ultrasound detected a tumor in my bladder, it was muscle invasive. The tumor was removed in May. It was cancerous. I had my bladder removed in June and got a neobladder and hysterectomy.

Jacqueline’s Silver Lining
This journey has changed me forever. I am so grateful to be alive, I take less for granted. I’ve met wonderful people who continue to help me grow and who were there holding my hand through it all, and now I want to hold as many hands as I can. And, I quit smoking; quitting smoking had been the hardest thing to do, but now looking back after beating cancer, it was by far the easiest.

Jacqueline’s non-medical secret to survival
My mantra was “no fear – just faith”. I put my trust in God only and surrounded myself with prayer from family and friends and believed I would beat cancer, and I have.

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