Support a Chapter

BCAN has developed a network of local BCAN Chapters throughout the U.S.  to extend its volunteering activities to develop visible representation within local communities across the country. 

What is a BCAN Chapter?  A BCAN Chapter is a group of volunteers who share and support our mission to increase public awareness of, and research into, bladder cancer that agree to represent the national organization within a designated geographic area. A BCAN Chapter operates under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of BCAN and, as such, must comply with all BCAN policies and procedures. A potential Chapter must have at least five members of whom three agree to be designated Chapter officers.

What does a BCAN Chapter do?  A BCAN Chapter undertakes at least two local awareness raising activities per year and two fundraising events each year. Awareness raising  might include outreach to local urology and other medical offices, and hospitals; local media or local political leaders; attending a health fair or meeting with a local bladder cancer support group (if one exists) to keep the group up to date with developments in BCAN’s education, research  and  support programs. Fundraising events include organizing a local annual Walk for Bladder Cancer in  May and a second event decided with BCAN based on the needs of that region.

Currently, there are BCAN chapters in:

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