Clinical Trials Matter

December 16, 2013
by Diane Quale

Not much has changed in bladder cancer prognosis and treatment options in the last two decades. Many people call the BCAN office wanting to know when there will be new drugs available for treating bladder cancer. Researchers and clinicians are continuously working on improving and expanding treatment options, and clinical trials are a key part of this process. In order for new treatments to be approved for use by your doctor, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration must determine whether the treatment actually works. This is where clinical trials come in. Researchers conduct laboratory and animal tests and then clinical trials to demonstrate that the treatments are safe and effective. Without clinical trials, there can’t be any new drugs developed to treat bladder cancer.

Despite the importance of clinical trials, most people diagnosed with bladder cancer, as well as many of their physicians, often don’t have information about the clinical trials that are available.  According to the National Institutes of Health, only 3 percent of adults with cancer in the United States participate in clinical trials. A common misconception about clinical trials is that they are only an option for people with late-stage disease. However, there are clinical trials investigating new treatments for people diagnosed at different stages of the disease.

BCAN is working to raise awareness about clinical trials in bladder cancer. On the BCAN website you can read about current clinical trials, participate in a Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials Matching Service, or join an upcoming webinar about current bladder cancer clinical trials.

Empowered patients make informed decision. Get the facts and latest information on clinical trials. Join us for our webinar on bladder cancer clinical trials will be on December 17 at 8pm EST. We are so pleased to have as our featured speakers experts who have been working with BCAN for several years: Noah M. Hahn, MD, Indiana University; Lawrence I. Karsh, MD, The Urology Center of Colorado; and Thomas W. Flaig, MD, University of Colorado Denver. They will each talk about a clinical trial focused on treatments for people with different bladder cancer diagnoses including non-muscle invasive, muscle invasive and metastatic disease.

Please consider registering for this free webinar. Click here for more information:

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