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Diagnosed with Stage 1, high grade bladder cancer in 2008  My story may sound like the fastest bladder cancer diagnosis in history but please read to the end. Coming home from a family reunion on Saturday, January 5, 2008 (dates are forever etched into our memories and become as important

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Diagnosed at age 53 in 2011 with non-invasive bladder cancer I was diagnosed with minimally invasive bladder cancer in March, 2011. I was completely shocked by the diagnosis! I had been having some symptoms such as pain and dark colored urine for several months, but I thought they were connected

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Diagnosed in 2010 at age 65 with Stage III bladder cancer Key message: Missed diagnosis, be your own advocate My experience has taught me to be my own advocate. It began close to two years prior to my diagnosis. I started having to get up at night to go to

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