A New Tool for Bladder Cancer Patients – Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials Dashboard

April 9, 2014
by Monica Smith

We are pleased to launch the Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials Dashboard, a new tool for bladder cancer patients..  The new tool will provide direct patient access to bladder cancer clinical trials.  The database utilizes a robust search function by location and trial type.  Patients can access the dashboard directly at http://www.bcan.org/clinical_trials.

The Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials Dashboard was conceived during BCAN’s Annual Bladder Cancer Think Tank, an innovative collaborative conference to support the bladder cancer community and advance research.  Patients are often overwhelmed by clinical trial searches.  The dashboard provides access to 31 key trials in the field of bladder cancer.  It will be updated on a quarterly basis by adding new trial information and an updated list of participating sites.

The Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials Dashboard allows individuals to search for a clinical trial based on their specific bladder cancer diagnosis.  For example, patients diagnosed with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer can limit the search to those unique trials.   Each clinical trial page contains concise information summarizing the clinical trial, the treatment, and eligibility criteria.  A link to the NIH’s www.clinicaltrials.gov portal is provided on each page for more detailed information and to access a larger scope of clinical trials.

With so few advances in the disease, it is important that bladder cancer patients have the best resources available to make informed healthcare decisions and access new treatments.  We are hopeful that the Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials Dashboard will provide a new tool for patients.

We would like to acknowledge OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. for generously supporting this project.  We’d also like to recognize the Bladder Cancer Think Tank’s Clinical Trials Working Group for providing their time and expertise to this important project.


Clinical Trials Working Group Chairs:

Matthew Galsky, MD – Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Jonathan Rosenberg, MD – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Clinical Trials Working Group Members:

Richard Bambury, MB, BCh, BAO – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Rick Bangs – Patient Advocate
Jessica Clement, MD – University of Connecticut
Robert Dreicer, MD, MS – Cleveland Clinic
Elizabeth Guancial, MD – University of Rochester
Noah Hahn, MD – Johns Hopkins Medicine
Lauren Harshman, MD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Jean Hoffman-Censits, MD – Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Lawrence Karsh, MD, – The Urology Center of Colorado
Seth Lerner, MD – Baylor College of Medicine
Peter O’Donnell, MD – University of Chicago
Sima Porten, MD, MPH – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Diane Zipursky Quale, President and Co-Founder – Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Gary Steinberg, MD – University of Chicago
Daniel Vaena, MD – University of Iowa
Jake Vinson, MHA – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Jonathan Wright, MD, MS – University of Washington


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