My Bladder Cancer Story

This year, over 79,000 people will be diagnosed with bladder cancer and even more are indirectly impacted by the disease. BCAN is well aware that there are real people behind those numbers.

BCAN’s My Bladder Cancer Story Campaign is highlighting the stories of those impacted by bladder cancer in an effort to raise awareness and eventually find a cure.

“It is our hope that the My Bladder Cancer Story campaign will be an avenue for those affected by bladder cancer to share their stories to be a voice for those who, for far too long, have felt alone in this fight against this disease.”

 Andrea Maddox-Smith, BCAN CEO

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BCAN Co-Founder

Diane Zipursky Quale’s Story

Mary Beth’s

Bladder Cancer Story

Both Husband & Wife

Battle Bladder Cancer

Susan’s Immunotherapy

Bladder Cancer Story

Bob’s Immunotherapy

Bladder Cancer Story

Jeff’s Bladder Cancer


Lynn’s Story about her

Husband Jim

Rick’s Neobladder


Mike’s New Normal 


Marge Opens a New Door

Two Cancers Don’t Stop Frank

Renata Turns to Writing

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